Black Diamond – Orbit Lantern Review

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Black Diamond – Orbit Lantern
Black Diamond – Orbit Lantern

The Black Diamond Orbit lantern is intended for weight-mindful backpackers, climbers and explorers. This petite lantern packs a big punch! It provides the outdoor explorer, car camper or family left in a blackout with 45 lumens of bright, non-glaring light in an ultra-portable package. It fits well into your backpack or glove compartment. With a unique DoublePower LED which works well with the dual reflector system and frosted globe, you’ll find this tiny lantern a big plus to your gear box.

We have used our Orbits (2) extensively over the past year, on and off the trail, in hot and cold weather. On the trail it illuminates our tent providing more than ample light for us to read, play cards, and find stuff that’s hiding in the deep pockets buried under other items. Our second Orbit in the campsite is usually hanging in our tarped “kitchen” area so we can spend time out of our tent enjoying the wilderness. Times when we are camped off trail in non-designated sites, we will simply not build a fire in order to keep the area as undisturbed as possible the Orbit fills in just fine as our outside light source.

The Orbit as a flashlight or lantern

As we used the Orbit we found ourselves grabbing it as we would leave the tent at night and use it as a flashlight. Something we found as a random plus. We later came to find it was designed that way! As a “lantern” the Orbit has about a 6 meter diameter range more than enough for any tent dwelling creature. In flashlight mode it covers about 11m. With small hard rubber legs it can stand on the ground or be hung just about from anything by the unit’s double hook hanging arms.

Black Diamond – Orbit Lantern Collapsed
Black Diamond – Orbit Lantern Collapsed

The Orbit powered up

The Orbit uses 4 AAA batteries and the company says it has a 24 hour “burn” time on max. With a unique dimmer feature this can be extended. When battery life is running low the unit will shut-down while on high. You can then turn it back on using the dimmer function for added battery usage and lighting time  It also has a rechargeable battery system that may be purchased separately. After a year, we found the battery life of 24 hour a bit generous, even with high end lithium, but still with-in a time that works well without breaking the bank on batteries. We are toying with testing the companies rechargeable; if we do we’ll let you know with an update.

All-in-all for the Orbit Lantern

We found the Black Diamond Orbit lantern to be one of our equipment finds of the year. Good things do come in small packages. It has shown itself to be a great lighting system for our campsite and even helped us at home during a couple of blackouts. The small rugged design works well for the serious outdoors person who must rely on good working equipment.

Black Diamond Orbit Lantern specs
DoublePower LED with 45 lumens (max setting) enclosed inside a frosted globe produces bright, non-glaring light
Dual reflector system captures and maximizes light output
Runs on NRG2 Rechargeable Battery Kit (sold separately) or 4 AAA alkalines
Unique dimming switch provides adjustable brightness
Compactable to 102 mm (4 in); extended height is 140 mm (5.5 in)
Collapsible, double-hook hang loop