Granite Gear Crown V.C. 60 Backpack Review

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Lightweight and comfort refined, this pack has many ways to adjust the fit while still or on the move. The Crown 60 is outfitted with what Granite Gear calls the Vapor Current Suspension which allows air to flow between your back and the pack. This has prevented the evil sweaty back attack in my use so far.

The Crown 60 has lightweight written all over it, from the straps to the clips, and also saves weight by using the roll-top closure seal compared to the more common top lid design. The roll-top design seals the pack against different weather elements from getting in the main compartment as I found during a snowshoe outing in a snow storm in the Catskill Mountains.

The pack has generous space in a single 3660 cubic inch compartment with the top completely rolled down and even more when extended. The outside includes 2 water bottle pockets, a third sizable pocket that can hold different types of gear and 2 ice axe loops numerous lashing points. The Crown 60 also has a sleeve and port for a hydration system.

My first impressions of the Crown 60 are that this pack will perform well in numerous environments.


I am sorry for a major delay in an update mostly because I don’t have the best excuse for you good people, But I digress.

After Using this pack for a good 2 years there are many key components to this pack many of which are good with one exception.

So let’s get the update underway:

Pros: Under 2 lbs, Rip Resistant Stars:****(Really Stong), Weather-proof Stars:*** (Descent), Plenty of Space.

Cons: Top of pack when open is helpless to the elements Gear inside may get wet, but so are all packs. (Make sure your clothes are at the bottom and food at the top).

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Torso Sizes: regular | long
Weight: .96 kg | 2lbs 2oz
Capacity: 60 liters | 3660 cubic inches
Suspension: Vapor Current (V.C.) Internal Frame
Load Capacity: 35lbs | 16kg
Optional Lid