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Best Hikes: Vroman’s Nose, Schoharie Valley NY

Middleburgh from Vroman's Nose
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Vroman’s Nose is a little mountain with a giant view. Located just outside the Village of Middleburgh, this small peak has been a hiking favorite for thousands of people. I would imagine that many avid hikers got their start here.

Hike Length: 1.5 miles

Route Type: Loop

Total Ascent: 533'

How Hard: Easy

View of Cliff on Vromans Nose peering down on the Schoharie Valley
View of Cliff on Vroman’s Nose peering down on the Schoharie Valley

Although not typically thought of being Catskill, these hills are akin to their larger members inside the Blue line. In fact, Arnold Guyot, the geologist who measured much of the Appalachian chain felt the Catskill escarpment included Leonard Hill which is not to far from Vroman’s Nose.

Vromans Nose Parking
Vroman’s Nose Parking

Most people who hike Vroman’s Nose will do so from Mill Valley Road where there is ample parking. This also starts the hiker at a point where they can make a decision on taking the moderate Green Trail or the combined steeper climbing of the Yellow and Blue Trails to the summit. All other trail-heads involve steep climbing to the summit.

Eagle Scout Project sign near trail-head
Eagle Scout Project sign near trail-head (click to see larger version)

Vroman’s Nose is a great family or beginners hike. It is also a great place for a quick climb to great views and a resting place to have lunch. If you start from Mill Valley Road as we did on this day you’ll notice all the signage. Unfortunately, due to it’s location the trail attracts people who will vandalize anything of great value, including markers and signs.

As you leave the parking area and head up hill the first thing you’ll notice is a large sign showing how Vroman’s Nose was formed. This is the last remaining sign of a complete nature and history tour that was done as an Eagle Scout Project. The other 10 – 15 signs have been lost to by vandals.

Signing at the Vromans Nose trail register
Signing at the Vroman’s Nose trail register

At the sign you’ll head left into the woods. You will come to the trail register soon. You will be on the green trail. The walking is pleasant as you begin to climb out of the valley. After about 160 foot climb you will reach a junction with the Yellow Trail. A sign points right to “the view”. Actually, both trails lead to the summit. The Green Trail is less steep and has some nice views which get progressively better as one turns up the summits west ridge.

Trail Junction with left trail climbing steeply up toward summit Green Trail right
Trail Junction with left trail climbing steeply up toward summit and Green Trail to right.

Taking the Green Trail the grade soon eases and you’ll be walking on a level contour for a bit. Pay attention as even here on Vroman’s Nose you can run into all kinds of Catskill wildlife. One day climbing through some wet areas we found bear track. Another think you’ll notice is stone wall attesting to the land use of this place.

Red Trail and Long Path Markings
Red Trail and Long Path Markings

As you ascend you may see a path come in from the right. This is the red trail coming up from Rt 30. This is the hardest trail on Vroman’s Nose. It is also part of the Long Path, so you will now see aqua blue markings on the trees.

A view of the cliffs from the Green Trail
A view of the cliffs from the Green Trail

You’ll start to see some glimpses of the great views to come. You’ll have a few short level sections mixed in with steeper climbing. As you progress up the ridge you’ll notice several rock ledges.

Rock ledges on the Green Trail on Vromans Nose
Rock ledges on the Green Trail on Vromans Nose

As you get to this point, please beware that a drop off the cliffs can be deadly. A few years ago several men got stuck on the cliffs and needed to be rescued!

Panorama of the Valley from the Dance Floor
Panorama of the Valley from the Dance Floor (click image for large view)
Panoramic View from East End of Summit (click image for large view)
Panoramic View from East End of Summit (click image for large view)

The views up and down the Schoharie Valley are second to none. Directly below is some of the most fertile land in New York. You’ll gaze at miles of farmland. In season, make sure you stop at one of the many excellent farm stands, you’ll be glad you did.

The winding Schoharie Creek which has it’s headwaters on the slopes of Twin and Indian Head Mountains in the Catskill Park, seems so small in the valley far below. On many days keep a watch out for turkey vultures or hawks circling above. On the horizon you’ll begin to see the Catskill higher peaks rising.

Sitting on Vromans Nose Dance Floor
Sitting on Vroman’s Nose Dance Floor

As you move along the long flat summit take in the flora. Look at the cliff line and see dwarf oaks, pitch pine and cedars (some of which are 150+ years old). Look closer, in season you’ll find wild blueberry!

Trail dropping off Vroman's Nose
Trail dropping off Vroman’s Nose

After departing the level ground of the summit, you’ll find blue/aqua markings on trees that head into the woods. The blue trail will drop steeply off the summit. You’ll need to watch your steps here. Keep an eye out for the yellow connector trail. This is what you will take to get back to the Green Trail and parking area.

If you’re in the Schoharie Valley near Middleburgh Vroman’s Nose is well worth the trip. If you’d like, try hiking “The Cliffs” on the other side of Middleburgh. This is part of the Long Path and is also worth the effort, but is harder.

For more pictures of our Vroman’s Nose hike, see them here.

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