Trail Food: Healthy S’mores with Pumpkin, Dark Chocolate

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Alright, who doesn’t like a campfire with some S’mores?  It’s a tradition that’s spanned generations. Years ago we had a BBQ at our home here in the Catskill Mountains and my brother-in-law had never made an S’mores! Poor guy. So we taught him. See it here.

That day the S’more was not too healthy, so today let’s get to it and up the nutrient value on the great old S’mores.

A typical S’mores consists of  graham crackers, chocolate (for most people – cheap milk chocolate), and marshmallows. The traditional S’mores is tasty, but let’s face it, not healthy. Let’s tweak this and make it healthier but still keep the taste factor.

  1. We’ll start with a twist on the graham replacement and go to a favorite of mine: Healthy 3 Ingredient Pumpkin Cookies, which are easy to make and gluten free, soft and add a powerful taste to this S’more. The upside of this cookie is that the chocolate is already in the mix. No fumbling around trying to get the S’mores together.
  2. Instead of any chocolate chip, I recommend using dark chocolate which happens to be incredibly healthy stuff. Use the Authority Nutrition buyers guide to Dark Chocolate to help pick a good product.

After baking your cookies and getting the dark chocolate, simply toast your marshmallows and enjoy.