Blog post: The Catskill’s Last Breath of Winter of 2016?

Fresh snow in the Catskills
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On April 2nd, I posted (here) how blah this past winter was with a relative lack of snow. I also posted about misconceptions about the Catskills which mentioned the unpredictability of weather (I did that here).

Well, to prove my point Mother Nature has graced us with a spring snowstorm on April 4th. As I write this post we are at about 5 inches on the ground and the snow is still falling steadily. Why am I writing about this? To prove a point.

The Catskills (or any mountain range) are not to be taken lightly. Only a few days ago the temperatures were in the low 60’s and in a few days it will be in the 50’s again. This is life in the mountains.

The famed naturalist John Burroughs put it well regarding the end of winter:

But he will not abdicate without a struggle.

Maybe, just maybe, we can get out for one more romp in the snow. But I’m going to complain again, I hope winter is over with this snow and we can start enjoying the warmth of spring. Yup, I’m fickle.