Introduction to Finding an Outstanding Campsite

Gear Review: Nemo Veda 2P Trekking Pole Tent
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You’re out on that first backpacking trip. You come up to the primitive campsite and find it is packed with tents. What do you do? You could snuggle in and enjoy the crowd. I suspect that’s not why you came. You could hike to your back-up campsite, but what if that one is packed too? You may have to give at-large camping a try.

Choosing the right campsite is more than simply placing your tent in a place that looks nice. It requires a knowledge of protecting the environment, local regulations, safety, and recognizing potential hazards and comfort, which will enhance the quality of your backcountry experience when all done in combination.

The video on selecting 5-star campsites by Sierra Designs comes highly recommended.

Video on selecting a great at-large campsite

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