Donald Trump gets Burned by DoE. But Why?

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He couldn’t help it. He’s not even in office and he’s already targeting people who may oppose him on issues. Remember, Donald is a businessman, not a politician. As a CEO it’s his way or the highway. Well, Donald just found out, it’s not that simple in government.

Trump has requested all the names of people who have worked on climate change and the professional society memberships of lab workers from the Department of Energy (DoE), according to Scientific America. The DoE has refused. Good, because if you think it was to offer thanks for years of hard work in efforts to change a catastrophe in motion, think again.

Trump is no friend to nature

Even though Trump has said he will keep an “open mind” toward climate change and the Paris Deal, one must now be wondering about how open? Given his first two very public actions, the request to the DoE and the expected appointment of Texas Governor Rick Perry. The possible appointment of Perry as head of the DoE is fascinating (and scary) because he stated during a presidential debate during his (Perry) run in 2011, that he would get rid of three agencies, one of which was the DoE. Will he now lay himself off?

Back to Donald. During his campaign, Trump has been critical of Climate Change. He called it a Chinese hoax.

Donald Trump Call Climate Change A Chinese Hoax Scott | copyright Challenged Hiking

But let’s stop and listen for a moment to his ignorance when it comes to the issue of a clean environment and climate change. All of the issues he speaks of are important but the planet is our “home”, so to call Obama’s time in Paris a waste of time is wrong.

In the end, the DoE is right to deny his request. They may end up in court or more likely he’ll wait for Perry to take control of the DoE and hand the information over. In the meantime, this denial gives time for organizations and researchers to copy data just in case they are forced to hand it over or purge it.

How to off-set Trump’s probable resistance to climate change progress

Even with the Paris Deal in place, there are things we must do to help with climate change. These are personal actions to take, not waiting for some government administration or political leader to take action. The following video explains this well!

So, instead of Disney World for your next family vacation go camping at your local park! You’ll be richer and probably healthier for it. So will the planet.