Bear alert in the Adirondacks at Slant Rock (and heat in NY)

Black Bear in Adirondacks
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In a rare and prudent request, Ranger Scott VanLaer (NYSDEC) has requested that backpackers heading into the Johns Brook Valley NOT camp at Slant Rock this weekend due to bear activity. The bear is reported approaching campers for food at the lean-to. The lean-to is located along the popular Phelps Trail.

Here is the post on @ScottvanLaer Twitter page.

For the hiker that is new to the High Peaks Wilderness, you must use a bear canister while backpacking in the Eastern High Peaks. Backpackers should always be aware of bear risk while camping, here are some tips on bear safety.

Map of Slant Rock Area

Slant Rock Area
Slant Rock Area Scott | copyright Challenged Hiking

Also, NYS has warned people about the heat this weekend

The heat is on. Please take a moment and read our post on preventing heat-related injuries while exercising. If you are heading out, check the weather for your trip on Mountain Forecast.

Be well and safe…