Trail update: Batavia Kill Trail and Lean-to

Batavia Kill Lean-to in the Catskills
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It’s been a while since I’ve been up in the Black Dome Valley. I read that the original Batavia Kill lean-to had been decommissioned and the new one constructed. As of this writing, I had not heard any specifics. I’m sure it’s out there and I missed it.

Today Carolyn and I were in the area and decided to take a look at the new lean-to. We made some observations while out on the trail.

Trail register

First, the trail register for the Black Dome Range Trail has been relocated back to its old location on the trail. Guess the one at the parking lot was getting vandalized?

New bridge on the trail

Second, there is a new high water bridge at the junction with the Black Dome Range Trail and Batavia Kill Trail. It is about 100 feet up on the Black Dome Trail. Hopefully, it will hold up during spring melt.

Scott | copyright Challenged Hiking New high water bridge

Batavia Kill Lean-to

Third, the new lean-to has been relocated to the first designated campsite coming off the Escarpment Trail. It is a nice improvement as it will be more secluded and dryer than its predecessor.

Scott | copyright Challenged Hiking New Batavia Kill Lean-to

The lean-to is a few hundred feet off the trail. There are two designated tent sites about 200-feet southeast of the lean-to.  You cannot pitch a tent near the lean-to.

Scott | copyright Challenged Hiking New lean-to

Other observations:

It must be cold at the lean-to

It must be really cold at the new lean-to. People seem to need lots of warmth as there are two fire pits?

Scott | copyright Challenged Hiking Two fire pits at the Batavia Kill Lean-to

About the privy (w/o any privacy)

Also, the privy is behind the lean-to and uphill. In fact, it sits on the top of a small hill – like a throne. But don’t expect any privacy at this privy (currently)…

Scott | copyright Challenged Hiking Privy at the Batavia Kill Lean-to

but enjoy the great views while doing your business!

Scott | copyright Challenged Hiking Throne with best view in the Catskills!