East Jewett Range in the Catskills

East Jewett Range from Caudal
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The East Jewett Range is a twin-peaked mountain that is situated west of Colgate Lake Wild Forest. If you have ever climbed the Blackhead Range and taken in the view from Caudal, then you have seen the mountain; it is right “upfront” 3-miles across the valley (see featured photo). The twin-peaked mass is part of a spur ridge that comes off the Catskill Front starting at Stopple Point and can be called the East Kill Range.

The 3151′ summit and lower summit are entirely on private land, so you’ll need to get the owner’s permission to climb from any direction. According to Micheal Kudish, the peak has about 0.1-square miles of first-growth forest; tread lightly. The East Jewett Range is ranked 70th highest in the Catskill 100 and 35th of the Catskill 67.

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Private Land

This peak is entirely on private land. You must obtain the landowner’s permission before entering this property.
Please be mindful of COVID19 during this hiking season.

East Jewett Range in Winter
Scott | copyright Challenged Hiking East Jewett Range in Winter
Elevation:3151+/- feet, 960+/- meters
Lat / Lon:42° 14’0” N, 74° 11’55” W
Nearest higher neighbor:Onteora Mountain (3220′) 1.74-miles ESE
Line parent:Onteora Mountain (3220′) 1.74-miles ESE
Key-col:2293′ in Hunter Notch where Scribner Road passes between The East Jewett Range and Onteora Mountain.
Range:Catskill Mountains > Northeast Peaks*
Land Unit:Private
Summit forest:Spruce-Fir Forest. First growth 0.1 square mile.
Nearest town:Hunter
USGS Quad:
Maps and Guide:Catskill 67, A Hiker’s Guide
NYNJTC Catskill Map Set
NY-NJTC Digital Trail Maps
* noteRange used to coincide with Catskill 67, A Hiker’s Guide.


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East Jewett Range Map
Scott | copyright Challenged Hiking East Jewett Range Map
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