Tropical Storm Fay to Hit New York

Tropical Storm Fay
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Tropical Storm Fay is set to reach the Catskills (and Adirondacks) by Friday into Saturday. It has the potential to bring heavy rains of up to 3-inches with high winds of 25-mph sustained lower elevations in the Catskills. Gale winds (39–54 miles/hour) on high summits. As we found out with Tropical Storm Irene track and storm totals can change.

The dry conditions may benefit from the rain, but with a short period of time the rain will be falling, local flooding is a possibility. Wind can cause downed trees and powerlines. Roads can be blocked. The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch in effect from Friday 12:00 PM EDT until Saturday, 12:00 PM EDT In east-central New York, Eastern Columbia, Eastern Dutchess, Eastern Greene, Eastern Ulster, Western Columbia, Western Dutchess, Western Greene, and Western Ulster.

If you can, please avoid the trails, if not, please plan accordingly.