Newsletter: Kelly Hollow Loop Trail

Beaver Pond on the Kelly Hollow Loop Trail
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It’s been a odd year on the trail. Wearing masks has been interesting, one family to a lean-to (kinda cool). Fire towers and Kaaterskill Falls closed for a time. The good news the towers are open and the upper trails to the falls are open. The lower parking to the falls remains closed for maintenance. We are seeing record numbers of people in the outdoors and that’s a good thing.

But please spread the word about responsible hiking and leave-no-trace! We’ve been seeing more trash and other things that are troubling. If we all do a little bit a lot happens – both good and bad. We pick up others trash left behind to keep the trails clean. Something as simple as that preserves the character of the outdoor experience for all who visit and also helps the ecosystem for all who attempt to thrive there. Read more on the DEC site.

Scott | copyright Challenged Hiking Illegal Campsite on the Escarpment Trail

This weeks hike: Kelly Hollow Trail… Enjoy!

In the northwestern part of the 13,500 acre Balsam Lake Wild Forest sits a relatively isolated trail loop. The Kelly Hollow Loop which starts and finishes on Mill Brook Road and is closed in on three sides by Mill Brook Ridge. The old woods road the trail follows was once used as logging roads and probably by farms as you’ll be able to make out the extensive stone fence network and scattered foundations. The openness of the forest with towering pines provides the hiker with an enchanted feel as one hikes deeper into the hollow. Add some campsites, a lean-to, and an easy trail it makes for a great kid-friendly place. In the winter the trail makes for a great cross-country ski route. Beware that the hollow is popular with hunters in season.

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