New Catskill 3500 Club List

Summit of Graham
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As many of you may already know Graham and Doubletop have been closed to hiking in the Catskills by the landowners. Aspirants have been instructed to climb Mill Brook Ridge and Doubletop – South peak as replacements. The club has met and made its decision on the new requirements for climbs. It may surprise some of you, it did me.

Here is a portion of what the club writes:

“The 3500 Club Board met on January 31st and decided that on March 22nd (the first day of spring), the Club tally list will consist of 33 peaks versus the current 35. The four winter climb requirement will remain as is. With Doubletop and Graham permanently closed to public access, we concluded that we will not continue with the current substitutions of South Doubletop and Millbrook Ridge after 3/21. That decision to not add in two other peaks may surprise some of you, but, after much discussion, the vote was unanimous.”

The club has left Rocky on the list, which is below 3500′. It was decided to leave Rocky as the club writes “there is such history with that mountain”. They removed Doubletop – South Peak citing the potential for overuse and infringement on the private landowner’s rights… Doubletop – South Peak is on public land.

Bottom line

Long story short. After March 22nd the climbing list for membership in the Catskill 3500 Club will comprise 33 peaks. Doubletop and Graham are off the list.


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