Hike the NYCDEP Trails in the Catskill Mountains. Adventures Await!

Bench at Snake Pond
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In conjunction with the Catskill Mountain Club, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection are busy cutting trails on DEP acquired lands. NYC has invested in these small parcels of land (hundreds of acres) to protect the NYC watershed. Besides preserving the city’s water, it’s now providing some excellent hiking for people with various ability levels.

Heavily impacted by humans, these small tracts of land are unusual. But before you turn your nose up at them, these gems have a lot to offer. Just about all have lovely and unique views, and most have other cool features that show the property’s history.

In the coming months, we’ll be hiking these properties and adding them to our “Catskill DEP Collection.” As we hike them we’ll be adding them to our site and this page. Enjoy.

Western Catskills

Bramley Mountain

Looking to Bramley Mountain on its beautiful summit ridge
Scott | copyright Challenged Hiking Looking to Bramley Mountain on its beautiful summit ridge

Bramley Mountain is a 2817′ peak located in the western Catskills. You’ll hike by an impounded pond, many rock walls and past foundations, an abandoned bluestone quarry, and excellent views. This hike is one to savor.

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Western Catskills

Shavertown Trail: Snake Pond and the Beautiful Tremperskill Overlook

View of the Pepacton near the pond
Scott | copyright Challenged Hiking View of the Pepacton near the pond

The Shavertown Trail is two trails that lead to incredible views of the Pepacton Reservoir and surrounding mountains in the Western Catskills. The visit to Snake Pond will please hikers of all ages. For the techies in the crowd or folks that like to see unusual things on the trail, the Pond Loop Trail heads past a remote weather station. Seasonal wildflowers and lilypads will add to the excellent year-round views.

Read more here.

Western Catskills

Palmer Hill Trail in the Catskills. Fun but Unusual.

View of a 2780' Peak at the top of the Lower Loop
Scott | copyright Challenged Hiking View of a 2780′ Peak at the top of the Lower Loop

At 3.7-miles, the Palmer Hill Trail system provides the hiker with views from once farmed meadows and rolling hills. Short forest walks on footpaths that offer the canopy’s coolness will please the hiker, especially on warm sunny days. Add the stunning view from the trailhead; this is a must-do hike. 

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Coming soon on the site

Andes Rail Trail & Bullet Hole Spur

Delhi Trails

Ashokan Quarry Trail

Red Hill from Denning

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