Mallet Pond and a Scary 19er: NE Fulton

Mallet Pond, Schoharie County
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Bitter cold, blue sky; that was the way to describe the day we hiked into Mallet Pond on the snowmobile and foot trail from Sawyer Hollow Road. Mallet Pond, located in the Mallet Pond State Forest in Schoharie County Catskills, is a popular destination for local anglers. Just ENE of the pond is NE Fulton, a small 2346′ hill that is a Scary 19 destination. Although hiking to NE Fulton is a goal, the real treat is wandering through a beautiful hemlock forest on the way to a 16-acre pond with a primitive campsite and some good fishing!

Hiking NE Fulton and More

Like most Scary 19ers, they are easy but can be made harder with some planning. One could park close to the hill, run to the top and back and call it a peak. But where’s the fun in that? Starting on Sawyer Hollow Road provides you the opportunity to visit a pretty pond and hike on a wide snowmobile trail that the Fulton Snowmobile Club nicely maintains. Wide and marked with snowmobile and foot trail markers, the path is easy to follow. If you walk this in the winter (which we suggest), get an early start to avoid the snowmobilers having a blast on their sleds!

Once at the pond, make sure it’s safe if you decide to venture out onto the ice. Read this page on ice fishing safety on the NYSDEC website. If you’re hiking alone, it’s best to stay off the ice. The hike from the road is not steep, gaining about 400′ to the pond and another 300-400′ to the top on NE Fulton. You’ll hike most of the way on the marked snowmobile trail and have to make a short bushwhack to the summit. Check the map, and we’re sure you can find other ways to get to the top; that’s all part of the fun of the Scary 19 challenge!

Running Loop

A 5-mile running loop can be done using the snowmobile trail, Cemetery Road, and Sawyer Road back to the parking area. See the route here.

Photos From the Area

Panorama of Mallet Pond
Scott | copyright Challenged Hiking Panorama of Mallet Pond

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Click on the map or here for an interactive version of the map.

Scott | copyright Challenged Hiking Map of Mallet Pond NE Fulton

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