Bald Mountain a Scary 19er with Stupendous Views

Chris at the top of the old chairlift, storm clouds coming in.
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Located in the southern part of Schoharie County, you’ll find a Scary 19 peak, Bald Mountain, looming over the Village of Stamford (but it’s actually in the town of Jefferson). It was once home to the Scotch Valley Ski Resort, which now is an abandoned relic, as are many small ski resorts that used to dot the Catskills. The 2.36-mile (4.7 RT) and about 900′ of climbing to the summit are on a wide well-graded path but can get confusing with many intersections and poor marking. Once on top, the views and interesting structures of the bygone ski resort make for a great outing!

Bald Mountain, Views and an Old Ski Resort on the Summit

Bald Mountain was, also known as Bald Hill, was home to a beautiful ski center. The Scotch Valley Ski Center was opened in 1962 by Avery Robinson and closed in 1998. During its heyday, it operated every day and two nights a week. It boasted a 150-foot ski jump and a ten-lane bowling alley. It was also known as the Deer Run Ski Center for a time. It was one of the smaller centers (summit elevation 2746 feet) but could make snow. So why did the resort close? The view from the summit is outstanding. While at the top, Chris jokingly said, “no wonder they went out of business; you can see Hunter and Ski Windham.”

The most direct and common way to hike Bald is from Archibald Field off RT 10 a few miles outside of Stamford. There is ample parking, but with the athletic fields there, it can fill up fast when events are going on. The property is privately owned but the owner allows the use of its trails to reach the summit. In winter, expect to share the trail with snowmobile riders having a whale of a good time!


View of high peaks. Click image to enlarge.

View to the northern Catskill High Peaks
Scott | copyright Challenged Hiking View to the northern Catskill High Peaks

Bald Mountain Weather

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Scott | copyright Challenged Hiking Trail map for Bald Mountain

A Short History of Catskill Ski Resorts

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