Welcome to Challenged Hiking, a blog for folks who want to leave the grind of the 9 to 5 for the dirt of the well-worn trail.

Challenged Hiking is the brainchild of two BSA Venture Crew Scouts who want to bring the adventure of the back-country to those who can not get there. We soon were to find out that everyone experiences challenges and that anyone may benefit from seeing the back-country through our “eyes”.

Whether it be on the trail, swimming at a waterfall or lake, paddling or rafting a river, climbing rock or ice or roadside attractions along the way. We hope you enjoy the enjoy the video, pictorial and written chronicles of our adventures. We also give our insights of gear, gadgets, and stuff that we use and share the silly things that happen along the way. We hope you enjoy visiting the wild lands that we are blessed visit; unfortunately wild lands that are disappearing too fast.

Hiking Challenged

Everyone is challenged in some way. In the back-country, everyone is challenged in many ways.

It can be the fear of being caught out in a thunderstorm, the chills associated with friction scrambling on an exposed slide or experiencing that “wide awake” feeling of having a bear wander into your campsite at 3:00 AM looking for food.

Each serious (or maybe not so serious) back-country traveler has experienced fatigue or injury and at some point has “pushed” his or her limits. In the end, we all are “challenged hikers”

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Christian Larson

Christian Larson

Backcountry & Technology Guy
Scott Larson

Scott Larson

Woodsman & Exercise Specialist

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