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Man power training with sled

Ski season is here. Maybe not in all cold places but soon and it’s not too late to start getting conditioned for skiing. Ski is a dynamic full body sport that requires you to be in good physical condition. Skiing “out of shape” can lead to injuries, not something we want as outdoor sports people. With a bit of work you can lift your performance on the slopes to a new level. Get fit for skiing…

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Ultralight hiking and backpacking hydration system

Many hikers are concerned about the weight they’re carrying. Any hiker can tell you water adds a lot of weight to your load. You can lighten your load by carrying less water, but that’s not always practical. If you are hiking in an area where reliable water can be found, then go for it, hike with less and refill. Having said that we need to look at the total weight of our hydration system. What…

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Gear Review: Nemo Veda 2P Trekking Pole Tent

This is part 3 of a 4 part series on campsite selection. I urge anyone, of any skill level to watch the series! YouTube Blurb: With a bit of forethought, you can find campsites that are relatively warm, dry, and free of biting insects, bears, and “mini bears.” These campsites are more conducive to a quality night of sleep and they enhance the backcountry experience. See all parts here.

Backpacker looking toward the stars

Chris and I just got back from another great backpacking trip in the Catskills. September is a great time to hike and backpack. The weather is cooler and colors are changing, not to mention the kids are back in school, so the trails are less crowded. One of the things we keep an eye on is the weather forecast. Why? According to the National Weather Service on their website they state, “What hazards are most common in…

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How to Hang a Bear Bag

Backpacker editors demonstrate how to (and how not to) hang a bear bag to protect your food in bruin country.  


Please note changes in access and rules for hiking and camping in the Adirondacks and Catskills during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please act responsibly during this stressful period. Please read the DEC info carefully. Read more here!