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Hang Glider Cliff Thacher State Park

Hang Glider Cliff loop hike in John Boyd Thacher State Park on the Helderberg Escarpment is quite easy as hikes go to outstanding vistas. Along the way, you’ll have a nice (3.4-miles) jaunt in the woods. Being away from the main section of the park, this area tends to be more secluded. Thus, people looking for some quiet at this park may be well served to head out away from the campgrounds and southern trails…

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Sunrise on Giant Ledge Catskills

We have some favorite photos (and hikes). Above is one of them. Camping on Giant Ledge in the Catskills is always a pleasure. But catching the sunrise is simply awe-inspiring. The feature photo for this post was taken not long after sunrise while having breakfast on a chilly 35-degree morning on a fall day. The increasing warmth of the rising sun made sipping our coffee an experience that will linger! The Trail to Giant Ledge…

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Middleburgh from Vroman's Nose

Vroman’s Nose is a little mountain with a giant view. Located just outside the Village of Middleburgh, this small peak has been a hiking favorite for thousands of people. I would imagine that many avid hikers got their start here. Although not typically thought of being Catskill, these hills are akin to their larger members inside the Blue line. In fact, Arnold Guyot, the geologist who measured much of the Appalachian chain felt the Catskill…

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Please note changes in access and rules for hiking and camping in the Adirondacks and Catskills during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please act responsibly during this stressful period. Please read the DEC info carefully. Read more here!