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Red Kill Ridge Catskills

Red Kill Ridge is one of the many Catskill 67 peaks that extend between Grand Gorge and Arkville. It has also been referred to as Red Kill Range or Butternut Mountain. Given that it is not actually a range but a long ridge, Red Kill Ridge or even Mountain makes more sense. Its name is owed to the Red Kill Creek which has its headwaters on the WSW slopes of South Bearpen flows to the…

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Denman Mountain Catskills from Red Hill fire tower

Denman Mountain is the most southerly of the Catskill 67 peaks. At 3054′ it dominates the southwest view from the Red Hill fire tower. The mountain has a snowmobile trail that runs along its base and much of the land is owned by the DEC and is part of the Sundown Wild Forest. However, the summit is privately owned and if you wish to stand on its highest point you’ll need landowner approval. With that…

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Map of Churchill Mountain in the Catskills

Churchill Mountain is a 3062′ peak in the Catskills. It is one of the Catskill 67. Its most redeeming feature is its close neighbor Utsayantha Mountain. As Churchill Mountain is on private land, one must gain permission from the landowner before entering the property. Having said that, people who do can hike a twofer as both Utsayantha and Churchill can easily be done in one day. Churchill Mountain is ranked 85th highest in the Catskill…

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White Man Mountain

White Man Mountain is a 3140′ peak that towers over the Town of Roxbury. Its closest neighbor only 0.9-miles away, Montgomery Hollow Mountain (3040′), are both Catskill 67 peaks and may make a good twofer. Both of these peaks are on private land and permission from the landowner must be granted before climbing either. White Man Mountain is also known as Heck Flats. White Man Mountain ranks 73rd highest point in the Catskills and 38th…

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Onteora Mountain

Onteora Mountain is a 3220′ peak that is situated WSW of the Colgate Lake Wild Forest. It is part of a range that branches off the Escarpment or aka Catskill Front. It is also known as East Kill Mountain (Guyot) and Parker Mountain (VonSiegl). The mountain is a Catskill 67 peak along with others in the range. To its east is West Stoppel Point and Stoppel Point and to the NW is the East Jewett…

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Please note changes in access and rules for hiking and camping in the Adirondacks and Catskills during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please act responsibly during this stressful period. Please read the DEC info carefully. Read more here!