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Chris at the Seager Trailhead

Doubletop Mountain a 3875′ peak was known as one of the hardest Catskill off-trail peaks and is the Catskill’s highest peak without a trail. Today with a herd path ascending from the north, the going is much easier. No one says you need to climb the herd path. I have been on Doubletop 3-times, but have attempted it five. Each time I missed making the summit was due to time and weather. Doubletop, with its…

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View of Wittenberg and Cornell form the Burroughs Range Trail

Catskill High Peaks table reflects the latest elevation record (2018) which can be found on the new NYNJTC Maps. This has moved Rocky below the 3500-foot mark. Currently, it is still a Catskill 3500 Club required peak. The 3500 club default rank list is the old measurements for now. THIS table is ordered by the NEW elevation measurements. Get a PDF copy of the list here.

Chris at the upper elevations of Plateau Roundtop and High Peak in the background

Plateau Mountain derives its name from its long summit ridge which is relatively flat. Having said that, it does climb a couple of hundred feet to the summit once you have obtained the ridge climbing from Stony Clove. After fresh snow the upper elevations and long summit ridge of Plateau are excellent. At 3836′ it is the 10th highest peak in the Catskills and second tallest on Devil’s Path. There are three ways to the…

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