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He couldn’t help it. He’s not even in office and he’s already targeting people who may oppose him on issues. Remember, Donald is a businessman, not a politician. As a CEO it’s his way or the highway. Well, Donald just found out, it’s not that simple in government. Trump has requested all the names of people who have worked on climate change and the professional society memberships of lab workers from the Department of Energy (DoE), according to…

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Chris on Slide Mountain

So we are into spring. Looking back on this past winter all I can think of is “blah”. It’s somewhat rare in the Catskills that we don’t get much snow. Not only is it rare, but it’s disappointing for those of us who thrive on back-country activities that require it. I guess chalk one up for climate change. But the Catskills is not the only wintry place impacted. But really, who am I to complain as we…

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Please note changes in access and rules for hiking and camping in the Adirondacks and Catskills during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please act responsibly during this stressful period. Please read the DEC info carefully. Read more here!